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Hi All, Will the setup able to inspect the file from client PC to the RDP host? My config will be source "client" destination "jumphost" all UTM turned ON with deep inspection. So my concern if the client has a encrypted malware to be copy into the h...
Hi All, I have an old 2000B FAZ and this artifact was stop to generating report more than 5 days already. Was wondering any of gurus here ever face the same issue? It shows "pending" but never generates. At task monitor it doesn't show that process. ...
Hi All, Is there any logs showing the last logins from specific email user? e.g (last login 30 min ago)
Hi Gurus, I'm trying to setup my box offline (no internet), and testing on the FortiAP using captive portal profile. Why i didn't see the captive portal upon connecting to the SSID? And it only works when I assign it to the internet then it pop out. ...
Hi Gurus, Is it possible the our new deployed fortianalyzer to extract logs from the 3 months old fortimail, so i can produce a monthly report for the past 3 month? Regards,