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Good Morning, I have an scenario with 2 Wans, 1 DMZ and 1 Internal Network, i have a wan-load-balance with wan1 and wan2, DMZ in port2 and Internal Network in port1. I have to traffic source network X and Y to destination ( ! DMZ ) trough wan...
Hi, Simple question: Which type of Certificate should i request to the CA for SSL Inspection ? Thanks
I have a tunnel routing configured between two sites using AscenLink. I have 2 ISP with 4MB full for each wan, when enabling both tunnels in a tunnel routing group the connection goes really slow, it should have a 8MB troughput, but i cannot even tra...
Hey, I have 8 IPSec VPNs configured and working, they are all logging into traffic log and into VPN Log, related to traffic and related to handshakes. But they won´t appear on Log Report. SSL VPN usage is Ok on Report, but IPSec VPN no. I have a For...