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DescriptionThis article gives some useful information and troubleshooting commands related to FortiGate/FortiSandbox communication.SolutionOn the FortiGate:Connectivity:# execute system fortisandbox test-connectivityReturn status should be “Reachable...
DescriptionThis article gives a useful troubleshooting command to dump WAD proxy authenticated group.SolutionThis could be used for debugging purpose to check if a particular group has been successfully authenticated by WAD.WAD is made of multiple wa...
DescriptionThis article gives a useful tip to increase the max request length that can be requested by client workstations when using WAD explicit proxy.SolutionWhen using the FortiGate as an explicit proxy, some users might encounter websites on whi...
DescriptionThis article gives some redundancy solutions when using FGSP cluster and session sync.SolutionTo configure FGSP cluster between two FortiGates units, turn on session synchronization with the following options:# config system ha set session...
DescriptionThis article describes the different authentication flags the FortiGate can see in WAD proxy.SolutionTo check authenticated users:FGT04 # diagnose wad user listID: 1, IP:, VDOM: root user name : fred@DOMAIN_TEST.LOCAL duration ...