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Hello, I am testing SSL Certification and Deep Inspection in touch with Webfilter. When a captcha is shown after several tries it shows "CSRF_VALIDATION_ERR". Any idea how to work around? Kind regards Jay
Hello,we are using the FAZ-VM with FW v6.2.7-build1398 201118 (GA) and a FAZ-VM-BASE license. This means 1GB/day and 500GB storarage. Console says: FAZVM64-HV # execute lvm info LVM Status: OK LVM size: 60GBDisk1 : Used 61GB GUI tells max storage 50G...
Hi guys, we are using a Fortigate 100D with Firmware v6.2.3 build1066. Currently we are facing problems with teamviewer and web radio streams. Teamviewer sessions are working but are freezing for 10-20 seconds before the remote client (LAN or WAN) is...
Hello, we did setup a port forward from wan to a internal server. This works. Now we want to only allow access for iPad and iPhones over the external wan to the internal ip. Is ist possible to set this up? Regards Jens
Hello. we are using a 100d and the field crew is working over ssl vpn. Now we are thinking about backing up the clients over ssl vpn as well. Unfortunately it's not possible to get this running. Client update of the backup software (acronis) is not w...
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