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Hi, Is there any special configuration for Fortiguard services when dealing with a slow satellite connection. The website lookups are brutally slow. My ms on Web Filter service is over 1200-1400 Thanks
Hi, When navigating thru Fortiview on a 90D i notice that the only time period available is "now" and it is grayed out. How do I enable more time frames? Thanks
What is the easiest way to change a bunch of Forticlient registrations to a new EMS server? Currently they are registered to a Fortigate Thanks
I am having an issue with a handful of clients that prevent me from fully maximizing the window. The result is that some components are not viewable like the Fortigate registration status. Thanks Peter
I have had a couple computers run really slow because Forticlient is installed. When I uninstall, they go back to normal. Any ideas what might be happening? Thanks