This article describes how to use service control on a wireless controller to allow screen mirroring from apple devices on an airplay enabled TV.

1) Log in to the GUI of the wireless controller and go to Configuration -> Service control -> Settings.
2) Enable 'service control' under the 'Global settings'.
3) Enabling service control will enable 'Bonjour Service Discovery' by the system. It will also enforce 'Bonjour Service Advertisement' as per the configured Service Control Policies
4) Select 'Service' and ensure that the Apple TV service is added. Else add it manually on the services.

5) Go to the User Groups option and add the Airplay enabled TV as advertiser and choose the ESSID it connects to.

6) Now add one more User group to add the clients as subscriber who will mirror the Apple units (Iphones, Ipads, Macbook) screen to the airplay enabled TV.

7) Now go to Configuration -> Service control -> Policies to add a new Service control policy.
8) Select 'Add' to add a new policy and create a policy as shown below. Give a policy name, Select the subscriber and advertiser Group, Choose AppleTV service and save the policy.

9) It is now possible to mirror the screen from any Apple unit screen to the airplay enabled TV.