Wireless Controller
Dedicated Wi-Fi control and management for high density and mobility
Article Id 191468
This article addresses the requirement to forward all wireless traffic from the WLAN controller to a third party web filter.

6.1 and later.

There is no specific option on the controller to forward all the wireless traffic to any third party Web filter or server or device.  However this can be achieved by configuring the web filter’s IP address as controller Default gateway so that any traffic from the controller will be going through the web filter.

Steps to configure the Default gateway on the controller
default(15)(config-if-Eth)# gw
default(15)(config-if-Eth)#  exit
Warning: Controller reboot is required for the configuration changes to be effective.
default(15)(config)#reload controller
Alternatively this can be configured from the controller GUI by navigating to Configuration > System settings > Management interface > Physical interface .

Input the default gateway IP and reload the controller so that changes will be taken into effect.