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I would like to ask all of the NSE 8 engineers and every Fortinet employee here what is the value of NSE 8 with the last partner program change?

It seems that the advantages of a partner company getting an NSE 8 engineer have gone to almost 0, which in return makes the certificate value close to 0.

I don't know if anyone else had that feeling, but apart from getting self credit that you can achieve something the exam is worthless.

Please let me know your thoughts,


Hello Sotir,


First of all, we hope you and your family are safe and healthy.

Our apologies for the delayed response. These have been hectic days. The demand for training and content is enormous.


As an NSE8, you understand more than anyone that the principal value of the certification is not on its benefits to the partner organization, but rather the NSE8 individuals; the real value is on its exclusiveness and the knowledge you need to get there. NSE8 certification is one of the most challenging and rewarding certifications in the industry.

You also know that becoming NSE8 certified it's not easy, and the main reason behind this is because of its complexity, the real experience (hands-on) than the candidate must have, the Fortinet's broad product and solution knowledge plus some other advanced technical components. This is not another simple and basic certification; this is a high-level new approach to define who is a real Network and Security Expert.

We know that there are still some things to accomplish and some formal benefits to communicate, but believe me, we are working on it, it will be formally communicated once they are ready. If you have had the opportunity to join any of our special events (Accelerate, Xperts Academies, or similar), you should have experienced the special attention that we provide to the NSE8s attending. One of the reasons behind this is because you are special; we understand all the efforts behind getting our top technical certification.


About the partner program, if you are NSE8 certified, you automatically get the Data Center Specialization with all the related benefits.


Thank you for sharing your concerns, we appreciate that. We will keep our evolution to make the Training Program more and more competitive, with more and more tools and experiences for you to learn and enjoy the ride with us.


Thank you,

Vadin M. Corrales
Sr. Manager, NSE Advanced Technical Enablement (NATE)
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---------------------------- Vadin M. Corrales Senior SE

Hi Vadin,

Thank you for the reply, and sorry for my late reply too.

I appreciate that the principal value for me is verification that i own certain knowledge to get to NSE8, however having a partner status request for an NSE 8 meant that each company will help their employees get there, pay courses, pay exams (which are not cheap). Like this i don't really see the need for a company to help their employees get beyond NSE 7. Yes Datacentre specialization is here, but i don't see commercial benefit of it for the partner.

When it comes to the events and special attention NSE 8 have, i haven't been on one, but honestly, attention doesn't get you paid or employed :)

If you check other vendors, especially Cisco you will see that they make sure Partner organization hire the highest skilled workers to be top level partner. For Cisco gold partner status you need 4 CCIE level engineers, which drives people and companies to get and hire these individuals, and the market value of the certificate is high.

Thank you again for your reply,

Kind regards,


New Contributor

I my self also hold NSE8 certification and I'm deeply dissapointed that Fortinet has degradet the NSE8 to almost nothing.
The answer from @Vadin dosn't help much. Everyone with NSE8 knows the hard work behinf getting the certification, but it's to bad Fortinet do not appreciate this.

I really hope Fortinet will do something to increase the value of NSE8 else I think it dosn't have any career value.



Hello Raymond,

Thank you very much for your message.
I hope you and your family are well and safe.

You are right regarding my response; it is not the final solution nor the definitive plan.

This has been a hectic year for everybody, and the NSE8 Program is not an exception. We had some interesting plans that have not been implemented due to the pandemic. We are working with different stakeholders (internal and external) to improve the NSE8 Program, not only the certification but also the entire experience and its benefits.

It is not a simple journey, but I'm confident we will have more tools and benefits to fulfill the requirements (professional, personal, and partnership) that an NSE8 deserves and demands.
I know your pain; I know how special and difficult this certification is and all required to achieve it. Hence I completely understand what you mean.

We are committed to improving all we do, and the NSE8 and all the certificates are critical for us.

Thank you,

Vadin Corrales
Sr. Manager, Global Employee Program, Technical Enablement

T: +507.230.5897
M: +507.6671.3552
NSE Certified: 8
Skype: vadinmcorrales
899 Kifer Road, Sunnyvale, CA 94086
---------------------------- Vadin M. Corrales Senior SE

Just to chime in as another concerned NSE8.

I'm looking forward to see what you guys come up with.
As with others, i was shocked and disappointed to see the almost total removal of NSE8 as a requirement for all but one of the new partner levels. Given the level of effort and cost required to get that certification, it felt like a slap in the face. Having said that, it's removal as a requirement speaks perhaps to the high level of expertise and experience required to get there, reading between the lines it sounds like many struggled to meet those standards.

Whatever changes you guys make, i hope they will incentivize management and training budget controllers to see the certification as being a must have rather than a nice to have.

With so many other vendors constantly pushing on certifications, anything that isn't an absolute requirement is almost certainly going to get pushed to the back of the queue.

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