Description This article describes the steps to re-build cluster on FortiWeb
Scope FortiWeb all platforms

1. Back up the configuration from the current Master node.

2. Access the FortiWEB unit that needs to be added to the cluster, run the command "get system status" to verify if the firmware version is the same as that of the Master (the unit currently in production)

3. Ensure that the firmware version on the unit to be added is the same as that of the Master.

4. If the firmware version is different from the current unit in production, access the appliance through management IP and upgrade the firmware via GUI or upgrade firmware via TFTP.  instructions on firmware installation via CLI, refer section "To install firmware via the CLI" from the following link:

5. From the Master unit config copy the HA settings. Some of the most critical parameters are:
> Mode
> Device priority
> group-name
> group-id
> monitored interfaces ("monitor")
> hbdev (heartbeat interface/device)

6. Connect only the heartbeat interfaces and wait for the HA formation and synchronization to be successful. Verify this by executing the following commands on Master:

# get sys ha-status <--- To verify if the newly added node is seen  in the cluster
# execute ha md5sum <--- To verify the checksum from master and slave matches

7. Once HA formation and synchronisation is successful, connect the remaining interfaces.