A FortiWeb can be configured to join a Security Fabric through the root or downstream FortiGate.
Article Id 244370
Description This article describes how to add multiple IP addresses to FortiWeb VM in Azure Cloud.
Scope FortiWeb.


- The vnet subnet where FortiWeb VM NIC is attached to has available IP address space.

- Public IP association is not required if FortiWeb VM is situated behind a Firewall.


1) Log in to Azure Portal and navigate to the FortiWeb VM page. Under the Networking tab, go into the NIC1 of the FortiWeb VM by selecting the attached Network interface.    




2) On the NIC1 page, navigate to the IP Configurations tab. Select Add button.




3) An Add IP configuration page will be prompted on the page, insert Name, select Static allocation type, and insert an available IP address from the subnet. Select Associate Public IP address if FortiWeb is not hosted behind a Firewall or ELB. Otherwise, leave the Public IP address as Disassociate.




4) The added IP shall be listed on the IP Configurations page now.




5) Next, log into FortiWeb GUI and navigate to the Virtual IP page. Create a new Virtual IP using the IP address that is added in Azure Portal. Select port1 as the interface which the NIC1 is attached to.




6) Create the Virtual Server using the added VIP.




7) Create a new Server Policy and select the created Virtual Server.




8) If FortiWeb VM is situated behind Firewall or ELB, the forwarding rule is required to be configured at the Firewall or ELB endpoint to forward traffic to the new Virtual IP address. In this case, if FortiWeb secondary IP is associated with a Public IP Address, try to browse to the associated Public IP address.




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