FortiVoice delivers integrated calling, conferencing, chat and fax.
This article explains how to configure 7 digit local dialing on the FortiVoice Enterprise system.

FortiVoice Enterprise (E) series

Caller ID Modification must first be configured in order to prefix the local area code on the outbound call.

1. Go to Phone System > Profiles > Caller ID Modification.
2. Select New and configure the following:
Name: Enter the name for this caller ID modification record
Match number: X
Strip: 0
Truncate: 0
Prefix: Configure the local area code
Postfix: Leave blank
Match option: Match number or name
Match caller ID name: *
Map to new caller ID name: Leave blank
Once this has been done, configure the outbound call handling.

1. Go to Call Routing > Outbound > Outbound > Call Handling.  Select the trunk that will be used for the outbound call and Edit.
2. Configure the following:
Schedule: any_time
Action: Allow
Outgoing trunk: Select trunk to be used
Caller ID modification: Select the profile that was created
3. Save the changes.