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Article Id 257992
Description This article describes the troubleshooting steps for POE issues.
Scope Any supported version of FortiSwitch.

1) First, it is necessary to make sure that the switch does support POE since there are three different models as below:


- Models where POE is not mentioned so the switch does not provide power over ethernet.

- Models with POE on half of the port so the POE ports will provide power over ethernet.

- Models with FPOE mean full POE so all ports should provide power over ethernet.


In order to identify the switch capability, from the FortiSwitch CLI:


get system status                                             

Version: FortiSwitch-524D-FPOE v3.6.2,build0382,170829 (GA)

Serial-Number: S524DF4K15000024

BIOS version: 04000013

System Part-Number: P18045-04

Burn in MAC: 08:5b:0e:f1:95:e4

Hostname: S524DF4K15000024

Distribution: International

Branch point: 382

System time: Tue Sep 12 16:16:40 2017


2) From the FortiSwitch CLI use the below command to show the switch model and POE firmware version :


get hardware status

Model name: FortiSwitch-124E-FPOE
RAM: 233 MB
MTD Flash: 32 MB /dev/mtd
Hard disk: not available
Poe Firmware Version:2.1.8


3) Now use the below command from the FortiSwitch CLI:


get switch poe inline


Check if any port is showing an error. Open a ticket with Fortinet support and attach the output.


4) It is also necessary to verify the POE firmware version:


- If POE Firmware Version is or it is in an error state. Power down the device for 30 minutes and power it back. If the error persists, contact Fortinet support.


- If the POE firmware version is 1.8.8 it should be upgraded to 2.1.8. Open a ticket with Fortinet support to provide the necessary files and support.


5) Change the cable and Reset the POE port from the FortiSwitch CLI:


execute poe-reset <port#> or

set poe-status disable/enable


Then check the status on the POE port by using:


diagnose switch poe status portX


If the problem persists, contact Fortinet support.