FortiSandbox provides a solution to protect against advanced threats and ransomware for companies who don’t want to implement and maintain a sandbox environment on their own.
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This article describes how to troubleshoot a FortiSandBox when the output of vm-statusdisplays:

> vm-status
INFO: The VM initialization is under processing. Please wait.
Virtual Hosts Initialization .......... Processing

Indicates that the Virtual machines are not initialized.

Virtual machines must be initialized for FortiSandBox to be able to process the files on the VMs.

The following point explain reasons for the VMs not getting initialized:

- Verify your VMs license and that you have enabled the number of clones that match with this license using the command
vm-license -l”.

- Verify that VMs are able to reach the internet in order to activate Windows and Office license, to verify the connectivity run test-network

- Sandbox VMs use the following subnets,, and  Do not configure interface IP addresses or static routes falling into these ranges.

- If the following errors are seen:
    - “VMINIT: WINXX64VM Windows activation error message: Activate windows failed with key PGR2R-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX: Invalid Windows Key”
    - “The Software Licensing Service reported that the product key is invalid”

The Windows or Office keys are invalid,, open a ticket with Fortinet Technical Support so they can help with the correction of the invalid license key.

Note: If the the above points do not solve the VMs initializing issue, then the VMs might be broken, in that case rebuild the VM image to initialized and activate them as follows:

- Run the command
“vm-reset” to reset all the VM’s orvm-reset –nVM_Name to reset a specific VM.

During this process the Sandbox reboots, initializes and activates VMs, the reboot will take longer time than normal.
When the VMs are initialized and activated successfully run the commandvm-status:
> vm-status
activated and initialized
Virtual Hosts Initialization .......... Passed <-- indicates a successful reinitialisation
To check the status of the VM’s while they are initializing use the commanddiagnose-debug vminitor check the VM Event logs.
- If all above steps still don't solve the issue do the following:
    - Login as ‘admin’ user
    - Go to Virtual Machine > VM Images,
    - Change a clone # of failed VM
    - Click green checkmark,
    - Click Apply, this will trigger re-cloning.
    - Then click VM Screenshot button in this page.
    - In the popup window, keep on clicking ScreenShot button of the failed VM
    - Click on the PNG Link image icon to show the screenshot.
The image files will tell you more why initialization fails.