FortiSandbox provides a solution to protect against advanced threats and ransomware for companies who don’t want to implement and maintain a sandbox environment on their own.
Article Id 191755
This article describes when the following is seen:
- "File system check: Not clean" in the output of "status" command.
-  A warning in the VM Event logs "File system on data storage is not clean. Please check file system".

This indicates that file system is not clean and needs to be repaired.

Expectations, Requirements

To repair the file system, reboot FortiSandBox and repair the file system in rescue mode as follows:

1. Reboot and get to rescue mode.
2. Press 'c' to check filesystem and 'y' to confirm.
3. Press 'b' to have boot device filesystem repaired, and wait for it to complete.
4. Press 'c' to check file system and 'y' to confirm.
5. Press 'd' to have data drive file system repaired, and wait for it to complete. It may take a while with RAID settings, please be patient.
6. Press 'q' to boot system.
7. File system check should be 'clean' now.

Note: There is another solution to check and repair the file system using the command “format-storage fsck”, this command is only executed on FortiSandBox Hardware models and might format the disk so it is recommended to take a backup before executing it.