FortiSandbox provides a solution to protect against advanced threats and ransomware for companies who don’t want to implement and maintain a sandbox environment on their own.
Description This article describes how to transfer Windows or Office license inside FortiSandbox to new Window VM.
Scope FortiSandbox (VM and Hardware) 3.0.x onward












In below screenshot one can see that WIN10O16V4 is activated with office 2016.


Here only one license of office2016 is present which is already activated with WIN10O16V4, and more license key are not available for office or windows 10 to be activate on WIN10X64VMO16,




Now if user wants to use WIN10X64VMO16 instead of WIN10O16V4.




Decrease the clone number of active Windows VM image to 0.






Now reset WIN10O16V4 to release the license of windows 10 and office 2016 to be activated WIN10X64VMO16.


Run below command,

#vm-reset -n (name of windows image that needs to be reset)


This command will reset and release the office 2016 and windows license.

Once the command is ran, image getting re-installed on FortiSandbox can be seen.


As in screenshot,

But this process will only be seen for the image that was reset.






Increase the clone number of WIN10X64VMO16 to initialize and activate the image.

This process can be seen vice-versa.