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How to Join FortiSOAR Community

Never did I imagine that I would have to write down a "How To" for a thing that should be straightforward.. but I realized we have some gaps. So here we go, until we ease out our signup process .. here are the steps to follow to join FortiSOAR Community and Leverage various informative content:


If you are new to Fortinet (basically you don't have FortiCare/FortiCloud account:


1) Goto


2) Locate "Join the Community" and click on the "Register" button. You will be taken to the Signup page. You are creating an account on FortiCloud (FortiCare, aka Fortinet Support). So if you already have it, you can simply use that to log in and Join the FortiSOAR community.


3) Provide your Email address along with Captcha. You will receive a verification code at the specified email address.


4) Specify your name/address etc details.


5) Agree to Fortinet Service Terms & Conditions


6) At this step, go back to , Sign in and Complete your Community Profile


7) Locate Join Group Hub button and Click it!


You are all set.


See attached PDF for screenshots in case you are still lost.





CTO (SOAR Business) | VP of Engineering