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FortiSOAR v6.4.1

In case you didn't notice already, FortiSOAR v6.4.1 got released last week, and it includes a much-awaited capability of smaller footprint agent to invoke connector actions in segmented networks. This capability was present in the earlier release but with Dedicated Tenant Node (Chargeable), with an agent -- no charge. The most prominent use case for this feature is when FortiSOAR is hosted in Cloud (Hint-Hint), then Playbook/Connector Action can be invoked on Premises without a VPN. I expect some videos on this shortly.

Another one of my favorites is the extensible widget library (EWL). So next time when you need a fancy widget wherein you want to see work completed percentage as a beer mug filled up to a certain level -- we can cater to this requirement and ship this widget outside the release.

Reply to this thread with your creative ideas, what widgets do you want to see in the product?

Do take a moment to review the release notes here:

Abhishek Narula
CTO, SOAR Division | VP Product Engineering