FortiSOAR Announcements
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FortiSOAR v7.3.0 is here on a new foundation - The Rocky Linux v8.6 - The latest and greatest. B-Bye CentOS.


With this release, we introduce a handful of features and a bagful of enhancements, performance boosters, and loads of security considerations. After all, SOAR is at the nervous center of SOC, and it warrants that attention!


Speaking of security, let me ask this:


You are an MSSP, and as part of the Playbook, you need to collect User Inputs (multiple, like a form) from your end customer. Would you allow an external connection to your SOAR to ask for those unauthenticated inputs?


if the answer is NO, you are my favorite Security Hero. Do read about the ability to run unauthenticated manual inputs in segmented networks using FortiSOAR



More details about release content is available here: FortiSOAR 7.3.0 release notes