FortiSOAR Announcements

We are excited to announce the launch of new connectors, widgets, and solution packs for our Content Hub!


With over 460 connectors, 35 Solutions Packs, and numerous widgets, our content hub is designed to make it easy for you to find the content you need. Whether you are looking for connectors, widgets, or solutions packs, we have something for everyone.


We are also proud to announce the availability of updated versions of on our content hub. These new versions offer enhanced performance, improved design, and additional features to help you customize your FortiSOAR instance with ease.


The following table summarizes the progress we have made since the last announcement.


# Type Name
1 Solution Pack FortiRecon Brand Protection v1.0.0 [Doc]
2 Connector SEKOIA.IO XDR v1.0.0 [Doc]
3 Connector Azure Notification Hub v1.0.0 [Doc]
4 Connector Commvault v1.0.0 [Doc]
5 Connector CrowdStrike Falcon v2.2.3 [Doc]
6 Connector Manage Engine ADManager v1.0.0 [Doc]
7 Connector ManageEngine Key Manager Plus v1.0.0 [Doc]
8 Connector Microsoft Defender for Endpoints v3.0.0 [Doc]
9 Widget Incident Correlations v2.1.0 [Doc]