FortiSOAR Announcements
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Community Announcement: Introducing New Solution Packs, Widgets, and Connectors on the Content Hub!


Our team has been hard at work to bring you a range of innovative solution packs, widgets, and connectors to enhance your experience and unlock new possibilities.


Solution Packs: We have introduced solution packs tailored to specific needs and industries. These packs come pre-packaged with a collection of templates, assets, and tools designed to jump-start your projects and streamline your workflow.


Widgets: Widgets are versatile components that allow you to embed interactive elements seamlessly into your content. With these widgets, you can easily add interactivity and dynamic elements captivating your audience and driving user engagement.


Connectors: Our latest connectors enable you to effortlessly link various platforms and services with FortiSOAR™, enabling smooth data flow and automation. Connectors for popular services like CRM systems, email and cloud security, project management tools, and customer support systems will enable you to streamline your workflows, save time, and boost efficiency.


We are excited to share the progress we have made since our last announcement. The following table provides a summary of our latest offerings:


1 Solution Pack FortiManager ZTP Framework v1.0.0 [Doc]
2 Solution Pack FortiManager ZTP Feature Example v1.0.0 [Doc]
3 Connector Anomali ThreatStream v2.2.3 [Doc]
4 Connector BeyondTrust Privileged Remote Access v1.0.0 [Doc]
5 Connector Cyware CTIX Feed v1.0.0 [Doc]
6 Connector Fortinet FortiManager JSON RPC v1.0.0 [Doc]
7 Connector Google Bard v1.0.0 [Doc]
8 Connector HarfangLab EDR v1.0.0 [Doc]
9 Connector IBM Qradar EDR v1.0.0 [Doc]
10 Connector IBM QRadar v1.6.1 [Doc]
11 Connector InsiderSecurity UEBA v1.0.0 [Doc]
12 Connector Mandiant Threat Intel v1.1.0 [Doc]
13 Connector MISP v2.0.1 [Doc]
14 Connector Orca v2.0.0 [Doc]
15 Connector OTRS v1.0.2 [Doc]
16 Connector Symantec Managment Center v1.0.0 [Doc]
17 Connector VirusTotal Premium v1.1.2 [Doc]
18 Connector VirusTotal v3.1.2 [Doc]