FortiSOAR Announcements
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Another year, another milestone! With over 460 connectors, 35 Solutions Packs, and numerous widgets, Content Hub is still going strong to include new content.


The existing content is being constantly updated to make newer versions available! The following summarizes the progress we have made since the last announcement.


# Type Name
1 connector Anomali ThreatStream v2.3.1 [Doc]
2 connector AWS Route53 v1.1.0 [Doc]
3 connector Dragos WorldView Threat Intelligence v1.0.0 [Doc]
4 connector Fortinet FortiCNP v2.0.0 [Doc]
5 connector Fortinet Fortiguard Threat Intel Feed v1.0.0 [Doc]
6 connector Fortinet FortiRecon ACI v1.0.0 [Doc]
7 connector Fortinet FortiRecon Brand Protection v1.0.0 [Doc]
8 connector Kiuwan v1.2.0 [Doc]
9 connector Microsoft 365 Defender v1.0.0 [Doc]
10 connector Oracle DB v1.0.0 [Doc]
11 Widget SOC Management v2.0.0 [Doc]