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Community Announcement: Introducing New Solution Packs, Widgets, and Connectors on the Content Hub!

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our latest additions to the Content Hub – a suite of innovative solution packs, widgets, and connectors designed to elevate your experience and unlock new possibilities.


Solution Packs: Our team has curated a range of solution packs tailored to address specific needs and industries. These comprehensive packs come bundled with a diverse collection of templates, assets, and tools carefully crafted to kickstart your projects and streamline your workflow. Whether you are working on threat hunt campaigns, software development, or project management, our solution packs provide a solid foundation to accelerate your progress.


Connectors: We understand the importance of seamless data flow and automation in today's interconnected world. Our latest connectors enable you to effortlessly link FortiSOAR™ with various platforms and services, ensuring smooth data exchange and streamlined workflows. Connectors for popular services such as CRM systems, email and cloud security, project management tools, and customer support systems are now available, empowering you to save time, boost efficiency, and maximize the potential of FortiSOAR™.


Widgets: Enhance your content with our versatile widgets, offering seamless integration of interactive elements. These widgets empower you to effortlessly embed dynamic and engaging components into your content, captivating your audience and driving user engagement. From interactive charts and graphs to dynamic forms and surveys, our widgets provide an intuitive way to bring interactivity to your digital creations.


These new additions aim to empower you with the tools and resources you need to excel in your projects, boost productivity, and drive success.


We invite you to explore the Content Hub today and take advantage of these exciting updates. Stay tuned for more enhancements as we continue to innovate and evolve to meet your evolving needs.


We are excited to share the progress we have made since our last announcement. The following table provides a summary of our latest offerings:


1 Solution Pack MITRE ATT&CK Enrichment Framework v2.2.0 [Doc]
2 Solution Pack SOC Experience v1.0.0 [Doc]
3 Solution Pack SOC Overview Metrics v1.0.2 [Doc]
4 Connector APIVoid v1.0.2 [Doc]
5 Connector Azure Active Directory v2.2.0 [Doc]
6 Connector Azure Blob Storage v1.0.0 [Doc]
7 Connector Azure Compute v1.2.0 [Doc]
8 Connector CISA Advisory v1.0.0 [Doc]
9 Connector Claroty v1.1.0 [Doc]
10 Connector CSV Data Management v1.2.0 [Doc]
11 Connector Cyolo v1.0.0 [Doc]
12 Connector Domain Analysis v1.0.0 [Doc]
13 Connector Exchange v4.2.1 [Doc]
14 Connector Exploit Prediction Scoring System(EPSS) v.1.0.0 [Doc]
15 Connector Fortinet Fortigate v5.2.3 [Doc]
16 Connector Fortinet FortiSIEM v5.1.0 [Doc]
17 Connector Fuzzy Search v1.0.0 [Doc]
18 Connector GitGuardian v1.0.0 [Doc]
19 Connector Jira v1.2.0 [Doc]
20 Connector JS Code Snippet v1.0.0 [Doc]
21 Connector OpenPhish v1.0.0 [Doc]
22 Connector Ridgebot v1.0.0 [Doc]
23 Connector Taxii2 Threat Intel Fee d 1.0.0 [Doc]
24 Connector Tenable.IO v1.4.0 [Doc]
25 Connector Time Series Chart Utilities v1.0.0 [Doc]
26 Connector Virus Total Premium v1.1.1 [Doc]
27 Connector VMWare Tanzu Service Mesh v1.0.0 [Doc]
28 Widget C3 Chart Supports v1.0.0 [Doc]
29 Widget Custom Picklist Message v1.1.1 [Doc]
30 Widget SLA Countdown v2.0.1 [Doc]
31 Widget SOC Management v2.1.0 [Doc]



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