FortiSIEM provides Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) and User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA)
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Technical Tip: MSSP PAYG Script


System Impact:

·       FortiSIEM specific processes (phProcesses) will restart on the supervisor.

·       Existing rule correlations in memory will be lost.

Expectations, Requirements


·       The FortiSIEM instance you wish to convert to PAYG licensing must be running in Service Provider mode.

·       You must have an active FSM MSSP PAYG subscription.

·       If you are an existing FortiSIEM customer and migrating from Perpetual or Subscription license, in order to associate FortiSIEM with a new license key, you should contact Customer Services through the support portal and request that the license  is unregistered from your existing FortiSIEM license.



Versions: Releases 6.1 and above

Replacing the existing License


1)  Download your new license from


2)  Before installing the license, please verify that you have the right license installed. The system will not function if you have an incorrect license. Verify the license:

·       Upload the license via SSH to the supervisor and run the command phLicenseRead

·       Note: Using the phLicenseRead tool, you will not be able to identify the License type.

·       Note: If the license is incorrect, contact Fortinet support to get the right license. Do not install partial license.

3)  Log in to your FSM instance using admin credentials

4)  Go to Admin -> License and click the Upload button

5)  Click on Browse, select the license you downloaded from

6)  Add your admin credentials and click Upload 

NOTE: Your phProcesses will restart, the system will not reboot.

Wait a few seconds and you can log in again.

You can verify if the processes are up by connecting via SSH to the Supervisor and executing the 'phstatus' command.