FortiSIEM provides Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) and User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA)
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The FortiSIEM Consumption Model (FSM-PAYG) allows you to build and grow your SIEM services on a per device basis. For the licensing to work properly, your distributor requires a monthly device count report. This reporting tool automates reporting and is required for the FortiSIEM Consumption Licensing.



Contact the local Fortinet sales representative if you have questions.

Expectations, Requirements



Configure Email



As FortiSIEM sends billing information to the distributor and Fortinet via email, it is first required to configure the email settings within FortiSIEM. Please see the documentation for steps on how to configure this.




Configure the PAYG Report



·      In the FortiSIEM GUI go to Admin > Settings > System > PAYG Report


o   In the email field, please include three email addresses:


1.     The Fortinet email is


2.     Your Distributor billing address.


3.     An internal email address (or alist) for the MSSP to obtain a copy of the email


·       For the Partner ID, this should be provided by Fortinet account team.


·       Check both the Daily and Monthly check boxes.



Should there be any questions, please contact your Fortinet account representative.



Test Report Email


Perform a “Test” to confirm that emails are send and received correctly.



The Test Report Email is a pre-run of the real monthly report. It indicates it is not the official monthly report by the TEST_REPORT status.


Monthly Report Email



The monthly report will have an “OK” status. This is what will occur each month if the report runs as expected.