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FortiSIEM 6.7.1 Release

This release provides a number of fixes and enhancements. I think it is worth highlighting two of these new enhancements:


1) FortiSIEM Collectors supporting data diodes. In earlier releases, the Collector must register with the Super node and upload events to the Super/Workers over HTTPS 443. In this release, a Collector can be configured to receive events and then forward them to another FortiSIEM Collector or Super/Worker over Syslog UDP 514. This allows for a Collector to operate in high assurance environments where a Data Diode (only allows traffic to be sent, no return traffic) is placed between the Collector and the host it needs to forward onto.


2) FortiSIEM Collector as a Management Extension (MES) on FortiAnalyzer. To help with deployment and the number of VM or HW a customer needs to deploy, a FortiSIEM Collector can run within the FortiAnalyzer.  This can simplify and expedite some deployments.


For more detailed information please check the release notes:


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