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Does your SIEM deliver effective value to the widest part of the organization in an efficient and easy to use manner? I hope so - SIEMs can benefit many parts of the organization outside of the SOC, such as compliance, network operations and general business functions. Ease of use is key to enabling this important business asset, empowering users of the system, and delivering business value.


The business value delivered by a SIEM extends beyond the technical features of the platform. Many organizations are currently struggling to recruit and retain employees in cybersecurity roles such as security administrators, and NOC and SOC specialists [1]. Easier to use tools can create a more attractive workplace and help to reduce the amount of training required to onboard new hires - an easier to use tool becomes an enabler, rather than a barrier.


Easier to use tools can also empower junior employees, increasing their effectiveness, motivation, and ability to deliver results for customers. A more effective and motivated employee is good news for everyone; the employee is happier, and the employer benefits from greater productivity and loyalty, delivering greater business value [2]


FortiSIEM is designed for ease of use. GUI driven analytics filters utilize the integrated CMDB to allow users to quickly and easily build multi-condition queries, even if they have little existing SIEM experience. Flexible, multi-tier, report driven dashboards are easy to create, and can be customized to display relevant information using a wide variety of visualizations. Out of the box rule and report content provides value across more of the organization, from security and performance monitoring through to compliance. A broad feature set means employees will make more use of FortiSIEM, more of the time.


Don't let your SIEM be a blocker. Try FortiSIEM today!





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