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Description This document outlines the process by which data collected over time is converted into a graph with an adjustable timeframe.
Scope FortiMonitor Control Panel.

The FortiMonitor web control panel utilizes a variety of data graphs throughout the user experience. These graphs may vary in style, purpose, and data displayed but for those that show data over time, it is important to understand how the data is collected and managed.


In the example below, a ping check shows the response time (ms) over the duration of the last hour as it has occurred to a minute-by-minute granularity. This data is compiled from the check results or data received live from the device in question.  


Many FortiMonitor graphs like the one shown above will also provide an option to modify the timeframe being viewed, as shown in the image below.




Data recorded prior to the 'Week' timeframe will be aggregated into 1-hour blocks, reflecting the average value captured from the minute-by-minute values originally received by the detecting node.


Users viewing the data on a 'Week' or longer timeframe will see an hour-by-hour aggregate of the data that was received, without the exact minute-by-minute granularity of the shorter timeframes, as shown in the image below.




Additionally, many of FortiMonitor's graphs have a zoom function, allowing the user to view their data in finer granularity. In the case of the image above, if the zoom feature is utilized in a section of the graph that fell within the most recent 'Week' timeframe, the data displayed would be the minute-by-minute values, whereas if the user zooms in on the section falling outside the last week, the data presented would reference the aggregated data which in turn reflects the average of all values collected over that hour.


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