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This article describes how the two packet loss measurement mechanisms available within FortiMonitor work slightly differently, and it explains those differences.

Scope FortiMonitor Ping checks vs FortiMonitor Network Quality packet loss.

Ping packet loss:

If the packet loss feature is enabled on a Ping check, then once every reporting period, the ping packet loss check is initiated. One ICMP packet is sent. If it returns, it becomes the measurement of the latency.


If it fails to return within 30 seconds, it is declared lost. As soon as a packet return is received or the packet is declared lost, the next packet is sent, until 10 ICMP packets have been processed. If the loss threshold has been breached, then an alert is generated.


Network Quality packet loss:

Once every 5 seconds, an ICMP packet is sent to the destinations for which this check is set. Whether it returns (or not) is duly logged.

At the end of each reporting period, an assessment is made as to whether the threshold has been breached. E.g. if the reporting period is 1 minute, then 12 ping checks are assessed.


If the reporting period is 5 minutes then 60 ping checks are used to determine whether the threshold was breached. The loss level is displayed in a chart, with one data point expressed in percentage for each reporting period.