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This article specifies how to forward IBE messages to other recipients with encryption.
Note: This article assumes that IBE encryption is already configured and working for outbound emails from the protected domains.

FortiMail 4.0 MR3

1. Go to System > Encryption > IBE Encryption and enable "Allow Secure replying" and "Allow secure forwarding".

2. Select Apply to save the changes.

damankwah_Fortimail_How to forward IBE email to another email with encryption_1.png

3. Create a Delivery Access control rule which will match and encrypt forwarded or replied IBE emails:

- Go to Policy >Access Control > Delivery > Create New

- Select enable

- Specify the 'sender' and 'recipient' patterns

Note: If the sender pattern is set as wildcard [*], all outbound emails including all emails from the protected domain will be encrypted.

Sender pattern can be: *, *, etc., depending on the domain the encrypted email will be forwarded from.

- Leave 'Destination IP/netmask' as

- Set 'TLS profile' to 'None' unless otherwise needed

- Set 'Encryption Profile' as 'IBE Pull'

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4. Test by forwarding an email from the IBE Portal to a different email account. The new recipient should receive a message with a link to read the encrypted email.

Note: The trigger 'word' should be specified in the subject line when forwarding the email.