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This article describes the FortiGate Support tool as a useful Google chrome’s extension that has the ability to execute background debugs on FortiGate’s graphical user interface in order to troubleshoot a variety of errors.


FortiGate Support Tool


The only requirement to utilize the FortiGate support tool is the FortiOS version to be 6.2.2 GA or higher.

There are two steps on how to install the extension:

1) Open Google Chrome and type:

2) On the search panel, type 'FortiGate support tool' and add it in the browser or use the following link:

Initially, during normal browsing, the extension’s icon colour is greyed out.

When the FortiGate’s GUI is entered, the extension’s icon to be enabled is visible.

Now, start capturing and replicating the problem.

When the issue will be reproduced, stop the capture and automatically a compressed file will be downloaded from the browser.
Lastly, upload the file to the respective FortiCare ticket for further analysis.