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Article Id 216823
Description This article describes the troubleshooting procedures for blank summary reports from the FortiGate cloud, however, the connection is up between the FortiGate and FortiGate cloud.
Scope FortiGate 6.4 and up

1) Verify the FortiGate and FortiGate cloud's connectivity.


# diagnose test application forticldd 3

Debug zone info:

Domain: GLOBAL

Home log server:

Alt log server:

Active Server IP:

Active Server status: up

Log quota: 3145728MB

Log used: 2300MB

Daily volume: 20480MB

fams archive pause: 0

APTContract : 0

APT server:

APT Altserver:

Active APTServer IP:

Active APTServer status: unknown


2) Go to Log & Report -> Log Settings -> Cloud Logging Settings to re-enable the FortiGate cloud logging function. (Make sure the Real-Time upload option is selected.)




3) Enable GUI local report option in system setting from CLI.


# config sys settings

set gui-local-reports enable



4) Check to see that all sessions are logged according to firewall policies.