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Article Id 248992
Description This article describes the impact of transferring the FortiCloud service license from one serial number to the other serial number. This is not the same as when proceeding with an RMA.
Scope FortiGate.

With the FortiCloud license, the FortiGate serial number will have 1 Year Log Retention.

And with the free license, log retention is only 7 days.


Product SKU Description
FortiGate Cloud Log Retention Service. FC-10-00XXX-131-02-DD FortiGate Cloud Analysis and 1 Year Log Retention (XXX = model code).

In case of proceeding with RMA:


Once the device serial number has been registered for RMA, the next day the system will execute the RMA protocol on the FortiGate Cloud end, the device will be transformed into a data holder device, serial number on the FortiGate Cloud starts with R00, to retain any existing logs for one year.

In case of transferring the FortiCloud license:


Note that because the Data retention is limited to 7 days for the free license. So, if the FortiCloud license has been transferred from one FortiGate serial number to the other serial number, logs older than 7 days will be deleted automatically by the system and not be able to recover.