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Description This article describes how users may face an issue in uninstalling the FortiClient due to EMS or Security fabric telemetry.
Scope FortiClient

Users may face an issue in uninstalling the Forti client, this can happen due to many factors and one of them can be due to EMS or Security fabric telemetry.



Sometimes the machine does not get disconnected 'Zero Trust Telemetry' option and it stops from uninstalling the Forticlient from the machine.


Use the below tool below to uninstall the FortiClient from the machine correctly(including the registry keys).


Follow the steps below:


- Open the link.

- Download the tool from the 'download troubleshooter' option.

- Once the tool is downloaded, run through the program.

- Choose the option of Uninstalling.

- Select Forticlient from the presented menu to uninstall it.


It is always recommended to use such tools from known vendors.