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This article describes how to trace-route using SD-WAN interface
For version 7.0.1.

By default, self-originating traffic, such as Syslog, FortiAnalyzer logging, FortiGuard services, remote authentication, and others, relies on routing table lookups to determine the egress interface that is used to initiate the connection.
Policy routes generated by SD-WAN rules do not apply to this traffic.
To traceroute traffic which passes through the SD-WAN rule we can below commands
nitrogen-kvm06 # execute traceroute-options 
device           <----- Auto | <ifname>.
queries          <----- Integer value to specify number of queries per hop.
source           <----- Auto | <source interface IP>.
use-sdwan        <----- Use SD-WAN rules to get output interface <yes | no>.
view-settings    <----- View the current options of traceroute.

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