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This article describes how to create configuration revision and enable automatic backup on logout.





A useful feature of the FortiGate is to save and revert any configuration change.

Find the 'Configuration Revisions' option in the top-right drop-down menu on the logged in administrator:

When the FortiGate configuration has been modified, it is possible now to save the changes into a revision:
Afterwards, compare which changes have been made when marking two revisions and use the Diff Option:
It is also possible to see and revert to any saved revision from the past.

These will also be available after performing a factory reset, but a backup is necessary as well.
CLI command to find Revision ID: 

# execute revision list config


Once the ID is found, use the following command to load the old revision:


# execute restore config flash <Revision_ID>

A useful addition to this is to automate a revision backup after every logout, so it is possible to easily revert any unwanted changes.
This option is configurable from CLI:
# config system global
    set revision-backup-on-logout enable