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This article describes how to restore VDOM configuration on FortiGate.

Many times, it happens that HA Cluster is out-of-sync due to different checksum value on any particular VDOM or multiple configuration changes are needed on a single VDOM.

In such cases, VDOM configuration can be restored on FortiGate without any reboot.
Note that restoring a global system configuration cause the unit to reboot only.

To restore VDOM configuration, from GUI, go to Admin -> Configuration -> Restore.

Select the appropriate VDOM from the drop-down menu.

Once the configuration is restored successfully, a small notification appears on the bottom right page of GUI.

Restoring VDOM configuration is also possible via CLI.
In the specific VDOM, enter the following command:
FGT # config vdom
FGT (vdom) # edit VDOM-A
FortiGate (VDOM-A) # execute restore config tftp 123.txt fortinet

# execute restore config <ftp|tftp|usb> <File name> <IP address> <Password or Blank if no password>

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