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This article explains how to remove WAN IP from the blacklist.

Go System Information Widget, there might be an error showing that WAN IP is blacklisted.


To resolve this issue, first check whether the IP is blacklisted by FortiGuard or not.

Check the WAN IP status here.

If the IP is under blacklist then submit a review to FortiGuard team here
Our FortiGuard team will provide a feedback via email.

Additionally, check whether the IP is also blacklisted at other vendors here (3rd party URL to know the details).


If there is more public IP, assign a new IP to the Wan interface on the FortiGate or border router to fix the issue.

To prevent blacklist in future, follow the below procedure:

- Install Antivirus in end pc's and clear the existing virus if any.
- Enable Antivirus,DNS Filter(Block c &c),IPS and deep inspection in all the policies(LAN-WAN).
- Make sure to install FortiGate SSL certificate in end PC. 

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