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This article provides the basic steps to register a FortiCloud account.

Additional information may be found in the FortiCloud FAQ which is available in the Fortinet Document Library.



FortiCloud Registration



Step 1: Select 'Activate' from Dashboard -> Status to begin the activation process.



Step 2: Create a new FortiCloud account by selecting 'Create Account'. Enter credentials and select 'Create'.

If a FortiCloud account already exists simply select the 'Login' option.


The FortiCloud activation password should use only alphanumeric characters and not contain any special characters (For example: Fortinet123).  FortiOS does not support special characters when activating the FortiCloud.  This applies to FortiOS on pre-v5.6.x versions.

Step 3: Verify the email account that has been specified for confirmation of the account creation.

Step 4: Log in to the FortiCloud Portal


Step 5: After login, a dashboard similar to the one shown below should be displayed.


Step 6: Return to Dashboard> Status to verify that the FortiCloud account information is now displayed.


FortiCloud activation if the appliances are in HA

There are two ways to register FortiGate appliances to FortiCloud if they are in HA.  It is required that both FortiGates in HA (a-p) are registered.
The devices should be registered devices one by one.  There are two ways to do this.


  1. Shut down one appliance at a time and register it to the FortiCloud.



  1. Break the HA cluster to make the devices independent, register them, and then reform the cluster.

The steps to disconnect the cluster can be found in the Online Help guide.  For v5.4 Disconnecting a cluster unit from a cluster

     a. FortiGate WebUI -> System -> HA, select icon 'Disconnect from cluster' of a FortiGate.
     b. Choose interface input IP, and select OK.
     c. Connect to IP input at step (b) to activate FortiCloud.
     d. Repeat the above to activate FortiCloud in all FortiGates in the HA.
     e. FortiGate -> Dashboard -> HA Status and select the link Configue to reform the HA.

Once the procedure is completed, make sure both appliances are showing up on the FortiCloud portal.  Finally, either turn on both appliances or join the cluster again


The article is for a very old Fortigate version which is out of support. 

We have a new one:

In my feedback this article can be deleted.