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Article Id 267778
Description This article describes how to configure SD-WAN rules and performance SLA for time-sensitive applications. 
Scope FortiOS 7.0.11,7.2.5 and 7.4.0 and above.

Some applications are very sensitive to network quality hence they would need to be set up with a lower-performance SLA check interval for better convergence.


In the below example:


Policy 1 VOIP is set up to use the best quality link with the performance SLA check interval of 20ms for packet loss 

so a better convergence rate is achieved:





The default performance SLA value is set to 500ms and that can be reduced to 20ms from FortiOS 7.0.11,7.2.5 and 7.4.0 and above which is recommended for time-sensitive applications.


CLI for the above performance SLA interval:


config system sdwan
    config health-check
        edit "VOIP_Server"
            set interval 20 (value from <20> to <3600000> ms )