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This article describes how to export VIP, address, services, ippool objects into Excel or CSV format. At this time, there is no built-in way to export objects into CSV or Excel format.

This article provides a way with an Excel formula to extract values of interest. 
In the attached spreadsheet, an example is provided to extract VIP objects based on the config file, it is possible to use the same techniques for other objects such as an address, service, ippool, etc.

Scope FortiGate.

In the attached spreadsheet, VIP is used as an example and it is desired to extract all VIP objects and make an Excel file.


As can be seen from the Excel file attached, follow the steps below:


  1. Copy the config for the VIP section to Column A, this serves the original source worked from.
  2. Copy the same config again into Column B, for this column, and remove all the unwanted words such as 'edit', 'set', 'mappedip', 'extip', 'extintf', and quote " itself (replace them with NULL).
  3. In Cell from C2 to F2, write the row # that matches the value of interest.
  4. Use the Excel function 'indirect' to retrieve the value needed.


In this example attached, cells A2 to A20 come from the config file as source data, and cells G1 to J4 are the final result needed.