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This article describes how to display the Session list for application control signature ID.

The list of application control profiles are visible from CLI.

To check the same over CLI, execute the below command:

# get firewall iprope appctrl list | grep "/"
app-list=default/2000 other-action=Pass
app-list=sniffer-profile/2001 other-action=Pass
app-list=wifi-default/2002 other-action=Pass
app-list=block-high-risk/2003 other-action=Pass
app-list=WSR-Staff/2004 other-action=Pass
app-list=Youtube access/2005 other-action=Pass

In the above output there are total of six application control signature profiles configured.

To view the Session list for Application Control Signature ID
, it is necessayr to follow the below syntax:

# dia sys session list | grep -f app= <application id>

For example, 31077 is the application ID for Youtube access.

To check the same over CLI, execute the below command:

# dia sys session list | grep -f app=31077
serial=00628126 tos=ff/ff app_list=2005 app=31077 url_cat=0 <-----
serial=00627e51 tos=ff/ff app_list=2005 app=31077 url_cat=0 <-----
serial=00627e59 tos=ff/ff app_list=2005 app=31077 url_cat=0 <-----