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This article explains how this feature can be configured on FortiGate models with multiple CPU cores. Besides it improves the urlfilter daemon performance.

Enhancements are done by implementing a URL filter daemon as a multi-process daemon and making CPU affinity configurable for a URL filter daemon.
Also It is now possible to dedicate certain CPUs to run a URL filter daemon.

Useful links:

Fortinet Documentation

To configure the CPU affinity using the CLI:
#config system global
set url-filter-affinity <0xstring> (hexadecimal value up to 256 bits in the format of
set url-filter-count <integer,1-10>
The lowest bitmask is CPU0. If the bitmask is 1, this means the process can run on this CPU core.

For example, set url-filter-affinity 0x03 <0x03=00000011> means the URL filter will only run on core0 and core1.
For the url-filter-count, the maximum URL filter process count is CPU num+9/10, up to 10.
For example, for a FortiGate 1500D with 12 cores, set url-filtercount 2. for a FortiGate with less than 11 CPU cores, only set url-filtercount 1, which is the default value.