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Article Id 192177
This article describes the interface configuration settings needed for the 100G ports to be operational.


Initially, to engage Fortinet’s TAC, it is required to provide the output of the command:

1) # diagnose hardware deviceinfo nic <affected_port>
2) # get system interface transceiver <affected_port>
3) # show system interface <affected_port>

With the output of the above commands, important information regarding the interface’s settings, status and the SFP’s part and can be concluded.

Initially, it is necessary to confirm FEC [forward-error-correction] is enabled on both sides of the connected units as it is a mandatory requirement for 100G interfaces.
Lastly, it is necessary to make sure the correct media type is configured on the interface settings.

For example, if the interface is a CFP2 long range transceiver the below settings is required: