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Article Id 266701
Description This article describes the case when policy lookup matches the implicit deny policy and no explicit policy exists from the source interface 'src-interface' to the destination interface 'dst-interface' as determined by a route lookup to 'x.x.x.x'.
Scope FortiGate.




Traffic that is coming from Source IP 172.x.x.x should reach IP 10.x.x.x will NAT to 192.x.x.x.


  • Take a debug to see if it is hitting the policy (in this scenario traffic did not hit the correct firewall policy).
  • Check if there are multiple VIPs configured with the same destination IP.


Solution: Remove duplicate VIP.


Note: If a Virtual IP (VIP) is configured and the destination IP matches the VIP, FortiGate will apply the VIP policy (if one is configured for the VIP).