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This article describes best practices for Transparent Mode Issues.

MAC addresses details.

Add to the Layer2 network diagram the MAC addresses of the hosts involved in the setup.
When reading a sniffer trace taken from a transparent mode scenario,
Fortinet Support needs to map these MAC addresses to the appropriate units.
Also,  indicate when VRRP/HSRP or load balancing / fail over mechanisms are used.

Dump the bridge information with:
#diagnose netlink brctl list
Dump the VDOM bridge forwarding table with:
#diagnose netlink brctl name host <vd_name>.b
where <vd_name> is the virtual domain name
Interface details.
# config sys interface
# sh fu

Sniffer traces.
When there are traffic problems, take 2 sniffer traces simultaneously on the internal and external interfaces. T
hese traces must be captured in verbose 3.

# diag sniffer packet any “” 3 0a