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Description This article describes the various options for configuring MAC address under a single MAC-based address object 

MAC address can be added below:


1) Adding a single MAC address.
2) Adding a range of MAC addresses.
3) Adding a wildcard MAC address.


In cases where the network is managed based on the source MAC address, it can be a little tedious process to add  MAC address-based object for each user and possibly call it under group.

The above options can be helpful to manage the group under a single address object 


mac object.jpg


In the above example, 2 MAC based address objects have been configured.


1) Office_PC: that includes one MAC address, a Range of MAC addresses, and a wildcard of the MAC address.


2) mac_block: a complete wildcard MAC address so it can be used to block all mac addresses in a deny policy.


mac policy .jpg