FortiGate Next Generation Firewall utilizes purpose-built security processors and threat intelligence security services from FortiGuard labs to deliver top-rated protection and high performance, including encrypted traffic.
The message "You have reached the priority submission limit" may sometimes be seen when checking URLs in the following manner:

  • Open browser.
  • Firewall shows message "url blocked because of category" (unrated).
  • Follow the link to
  • Click on "wrong category", fill the form including the captcha.
  • Usual message: "site is being processed, please wait 3 minutes"

The Fortinet Live URL Rating Support page at has a submission limitation based on the FortiGate model.  This may vary from 1 to 60 submissions every 24 hours.  If the model is not on the list, the default rate is 10 submissions every 24 hours.

Note that even when the "You have reached the priority submission limit" message is seen it does not mean that the submission has been unsuccessful.  The FortiGuard team will have received the request and will process it based on their priority and will send a notification email when the request is finished.

The number of permitted submissions can be calculated using the formula:
Model number / 60 = daily quota

For example:
60E -> 1; 100E -> 1; 200E -> 3; 500D -> 8

URL ratings can always be checked at  Search for the unrated domain and then request a review.