This article describes the FortiExtender firmware, Modem firmware version and Modem revision version.

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For the modem, it requires a firmware file and a configuration file to connect to an ISP

Sierra Wireless  provides modem firmware file in the format xyz.cwe , configuration file (also known as pri file) will be in abc.nvu format as shown below.

Carrier profiles will have particular PRI and Firmware files mapped.
If the carrier profile not listed, then generic carrier profile and files will be selected accordingly by the modem.

The modem Firmware Version with '.WRLD' format is the actually modem firmware package which includes all the set of PRI and Firmware files mapping to particular carrier profile and also the generic version.

The Revision version is the actual modem version the unit selected from the modem firmware package.
Operating System Version is the version on the FortiExtender itself.

The same can be checked from the CLI using command:
FEXT# get system version
It is necessary to have version and modem version on the compatible version as mentioned on the release notes.

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