This article provides some basic steps to troubleshoot FortiExtender related problems.

1)  The modem which is going to be used should be listed in the 'FortiGate and FortiExtender Modem Compatibility Matrix' which is available at http://help.fortinet.com/fex/modem-compat-matrix.html

The compatibility matrix can also be obtained via the FortiGate GUI:

System> Network> FortiExtender> Configure Settings and then select Supported Modems.  This list can be updated using Update Now button.

2)  Make sure the modem is able connect to the internet on a laptop at the same location that the FortiExtender is located.

3)  Make sure that CAPWAP is enabled on the interface connected to the FortiExtender, or use “Dedicated to Extension Device” to dedicate the interface to the FortiExtender.

4)  Check the extender status by using the command:

get extender sys-info <FXTserial>

5)  Get the detailed modem status of the extender:

get extender modem-status <FXTserial>

6)  Enable extender logging and debugging, collect information for about 5 minutes:

diagnose debug application extender

7)  To execute AT commands on FortiExtender:

diagnose extender atcmd <command> <Marker> <FXTserial>

The <Marker> specifies the string used to specify the "?" in the atcommand as the FortiGate CLI does not accept the "?". The Marker string pattern is replaced with "?" in the atcommand string in the cli backend.

Some examples:

AT+CPIN >> To check SIM status
AT+CSQ >> To check signal quality

8)  To control the FortiExtender:

"execute extender <command> <FXTserial>" can be used in order to execute following commands:

delete-fortiextender-image : Delete FortiExtender images.
dial : Force FortiExtender to dial.
hangup : Force FortiExtender to hangup.
list-fortiextender-image : List FortiExtender images.
push-fortiextender-image : Push FortiExtender image to a managed FortiExtender
reset-fortiextender : Restart managed FortiExtender.
restart-fortiextender-daemon : Restart FortiExtender AC daemon.
upload-fortiextender-image : Upload FortiExtender image