FortiClient proactively defends against advanced attacks. Its tight integration with the Security Fabric enables policy-based automation to contain threats and control outbreaks. FortiClient is compatible with Fabric-Ready partners to further strengthen enterprises’ security posture.
Article Id 268003
Description This article describes new features added to FortiClient SSOMA for 7.2.1.
Scope SSOMA for FortiClient 7.2.1 and later versions.

The FortiClient single sign-on mobility agent (SSOMA) supports the following features:

  • Support for pure Azure Active Directory (AD) mode. SSOMA sends the Azure AD domain and tenant ID to FortiAuthenticator in pure/native Azure AD mode.

  • Sends FortiClient UUID and EMS serial number/tenant ID to FortiAuthenticator.

  • Sets the SNI field when communicating with FortiAuthenticator.

The following document uses two use cases to illustrate these features. Use case A illustrates a scenario using a local AD. Use Case B illustrates a scenario using a pure/native Azure AD or a hybrid Azure AD.


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